These 10 New Bedford High grads ended high school at the top of their class. See who. (2024)

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NEW BEDFORD — School and city officials gathered at the New Bedford Art Museum downtown Wednesday afternoon to announce and honor New Bedford High School's class of 2024 top 10 ranked students in academics, or as it's coined in New Bedford, the "Mayor's List." It's a tradition Mayor Jon Mitchell began in the city after being elected in 2011.

"The idea is to highlight the achievements that are objectively verifiable," Mitchell said. As noted in a press release, all 10 NBHS students who made the Mayor's List this year are members of NBHS' Academy of Honors. "The folks who have been awardees over the last 11, 12 years or so have gone on to do so many great things and I have no doubt this group will be just the same."

Mitchell said one thing that was different for him personally with this year's Mayor's List is that his own daughter, Lauren Mitchell, earned a spot.

"Most years I'll know, I don't know, two or three kids," Mitchell said. "This year, I know every single one of these 10.... I've known a lot of them since they were in Kindergarten, especially the ones that went to Winslow School.... It's all a little bit sobering for me, as it is for their parents too."

No. 10: Annabelle Huston:

Huston plans to attend Springfield College in the fall to major in "physician assistant studies," and hopes to work as a physician's assistant after graduating, according to Mayor's List materials. During her time at New Bedford High School, she was a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Whaler Wave, Great Outdoors Club and Captain's Club. Accomplishments include having received the AP Capstone diploma.

For extra curriculars, Huston served as captain of her swim, volleyball and softball teams. Honors received during her time as a student-athlete include being an SEC All-Star and Super Team All-Star.

"She most enjoyed being involved in sports and extracurriculars," the city's Mayor's List materials read.

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No. 9: Maria Oliveira

Oliveira's college plans are to attend the University of Southern California to major in political science, before joining the U.S. Navy as a JAG officer. During high school she was a member of the book club, Whaler Wave, Captain's Club, Great Outdoors Club, National Honor Society and South Coast Youth Court. She served as varsity captain for volleyball and tennis, and a member of the swim team. Her accomplishments at NBHS include receiving the Coach's Award for tennis, AP Capstone Diploma, AP Seminar and Research Certificate, and AP Scholar with Distinction award. She also instructed in NBHS' Youth Swim Lessons program.

"She has most enjoyed the relationships she established with her teachers," the Mayor's List materials note.

No. 8: Angel Lin

Lin is headed to University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she plans to study management. After graduating, her aim is to become "a project or finance manager for a major company," the Mayor's List materials read. During her time at NBHS, Lin was co-chair of the Mayor's Youth Council for four years, a member of the National Honor Society, and book club. For sports, she played on the varsity volleyball and tennis teams. Lin also earned an AP Scholar award during high school.

"She most enjoyed the support system at NBHS and all the teachers who made her experience memorable," the Mayor's List materials read.

No. 7: Lauren Mitchell

Mitchell, daughter of the mayor, plans to attend her father's alma mater, Harvard College, to major in art history and start a career in museum curation. During high school, Mitchell was a member of the book club, Whaler Wave, Captain's Club, Student Advisory Council, National Honor Society and was a teacher's assistant in ESL (English as a second language) classes. Accomplishments include receiving the University of Pennsylvania book award, AP Capstone Diploma, AP Seminar and Research Certificate, AP Scholar with Distinction award, and Principal's Award. Her sports activity included being a four-year starter and captain for varsity field hockey — earning her SEC and Standard-Times All Star honors — and was a member of NBHS' varsity softball and tennis teams.

"She most enjoyed playing sports, her senior year, and making friendships," Mitchell's Mayor's List slide reads.

No. 6: Amelia Davis

After graduation, Davis plans to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute to major in either environmental or civil engineering, according to the Mayor's List. Davis then hopes to "work in a position that ensures safe and clean water for all," the materials read. Davis has been a National Honor Society and Great Outdoors Club member. She was also a team captain in swim and softball, and was named a Southeast Conference All-Star.

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"She most enjoyed the school's arts program, especially her teacher Mrs. Boucher, and won best in show for 3D at the district wide art show," the Mayor's List materials read.

No. 5: Keyanna Jones

Jones is headed to Columbia University, where she looks to major in political science. After that, she hopes to work "as a project manager specializing in city development," Jones' slide reads. During her years at NBHS Jones served as vice chair of the Student Advisory Council, and was a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Mayor's Youth Council and Great Outdoors Club. Her accomplishments include receiving the Massachusetts Student Achievement Award, being named an AP Scholar with Distinction, Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar, and earning an AP Capstone Diploma. In sports, Jones was co-captain in track and field, and played volleyball.

"She has most enjoyed her time on the Mayor's Youth Council and forging lasting friendships," the Mayor's List reads.

No. 4: Carter Barbosa

Barbosa aims to major in government at Harvard College, with hopes of working for the FBI and to "ultimately give back to New Bedford residents," the Mayor's List reads. During high school, he was part of the Captain's Club, National Honor Society, African American History Club, Great Outdoors Club, and served as treasurer in his senior year. His accomplishments include an AP Scholar with Honor award, an AP Seminar and Research Certificate, and AP Capstone Diploma.

In sports, Barbosa was captain for soccer, breaking a school record for most career assists; and also of volleyball and indoor track. He was an MIAA student ambassador, three-time member of the Southeast Conference Boys Soccer all-conference team, 2023 Southeast Conference Boys Volleyball MVP, and 2023 Southeast Conference Boy's Soccer MVP.

No. 3: Isabella Colangelo

Colangelo has sights set on Cornell University, where she plans to major in biological sciences, according to the Mayor's List. She later hopes to work "in a lab setting doing research." Colangelo served as vice president of the National Honor Society and Great Outdoors Club; and was a member of the math team, Key Club and After School Biotechnology Program. During high school Colangelo earned an AP Scholar with Distinction award, AP Scholar with Honors award, Yale Book award and AP Capstone Diploma.

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"She as most enjoyed the countless opportunities in biotechnology, as well as her AP Courses which have prepared her for the future," the Mayor's List reads.

No. 2: Sophia Perry

Perry, NBHS class of 2024's salutatorian, looks to attend Northeastern University to major in business administration and marketing, with sights set on becoming a business executive for a pro sports team, the Mayor's List reads. During high school Perry was a member of the book club, National Honor Society, Key Club, Whaler Wave and served as a volunteer/mentor for Special Olympics Unified Track & Field. In sports, Perry played varsity softball, and served as a captain in field hockey and indoor/outdoor track and field. During high school, Perry has received the Junior Brown University Book Award for written and oral communication, as well as a Southcoast Conference and SouthCoast Today All-Star Coach's Award. She's also been named an Outstanding Female Athlete by the MIAA.

No. 1: Kiva Bank

Bank, NBHS class of 2024's valedictorian, plans to go to Yale College to major in English as a journalism scholar, and ultimately work as an investigative journalist, according to the Mayor's List. During high school, she's earned the Francis W. Gallishaw award, AP Capstone Diploma, AP Scholar with Distinction, Harvard Book award, and Silver Key awards for four of her art pieces, according to Bank's slide. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Great Outdoors Club, vice president/stage manager of the Drama Club, Debate Team captain, and senior class president. She also played varsity field hockey, in which she earned a Coach's Award.

"She has most enjoyed the sense of community at NBHS," the Mayor's List reads.

These 10 New Bedford High grads ended high school at the top of their class. See who. (2024)
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