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S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (4)

Posts: 2

S5 steel and L6 Jun 6, 2024 17:40:06 GMTvia mobile

Post by lo on Jun 6, 2024 17:40:06 GMT

What's Yr thoughts they sound like functional steel that would be very forgiving seen a few reviews ,what's Yr thoughts?


S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (5)

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S5 steel and L6 Jun 6, 2024 18:07:36 GMT

Post by mrstabby on Jun 6, 2024 18:07:36 GMT

S5 is extremely tough not the best edge retention, L6 is essentially the same as 1060 unless a special heat treat is applied to it.

EDIT: klicked post before was finished...

It's always a compromise, you either get edge retention or a sword that is hard to bend or break. S5 is a Shock steel, extremely tough, tougher than most steels out there.

L6 needs a Bainite-structure to become nigh indestructible. You also need a differential hardening (the edge harder than the spine of the blade) because the Bainite isn't that well suited for the edge (not unlike the S5). This way you get an extremely tough sword, tougher than S5, but with a better edge. BUT the Bainite heat treatment is only done by a handful of people, so a sword made from L6 alone won't be any better or worse than a similar 1060 sword.

As far as I know S5 can't take a differential heat treat.

Last Edit: Jun 6, 2024 18:17:57 GMT by mrstabby

Romanes eunt domus!


S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (6)

Bavarianbarbarian - Semper Semprini

Posts: 9,936

S5 steel and L6 Jun 6, 2024 18:15:06 GMT

Post by AndiTheBarvarian on Jun 6, 2024 18:15:06 GMT

L6 contains nickel and is tougher than 1060 with the same heat treatment, but less than S5.
The heat treatment is more important than the steel.
A well made 1045 steel blade is better than a badly made S5 blade.

Last Edit: Jun 6, 2024 18:18:00 GMT by AndiTheBarvarian

Ja wo samma denn ?


S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (7)

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S5 steel and L6 Jun 6, 2024 18:22:35 GMT

Post by mrstabby on Jun 6, 2024 18:22:35 GMT

Problem with L6 is that many sell it for a premium because of the whole Bainite deal, when without the Bainite you won't see that much difference to a simple high carbon steel. Many dedicated spring steels would perform better at a similar hardness.

EDIT: I am talking good heat treats, as Andi said if the heat treatment is subpar, all rankings are invalid. Also hardness alone does not speak for the quality, the steel can become very brittle at any hardness if the smith isn't careful.

Last Edit: Jun 6, 2024 18:47:31 GMT by mrstabby

Romanes eunt domus!

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AndiTheBarvarian: Only if there are nine!May 10, 2024 1:55:27 GMT*

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AndiTheBarvarian: Wheeeehaaaahaaaahaaa! (Horses)May 8, 2024 22:54:16 GMT*

mrstabby: It's Blücher. It's prussian so it has Ü. S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (9)May 8, 2024 17:17:33 GMT

Ouroboros: I sensed a Blucher had been posted by the cries of the horses...youtu.be/bps5hJ5DQDw?si=Ia69Y7v0l7lOIvaA May 8, 2024 11:28:30 GMT

wazza2020: Hi guys I have a prussian model 1811 cavalry troopers sword found in my grandmothers loft, is anyone keen on a private sale?May 8, 2024 7:45:44 GMT

AndiTheBarvarian: Hi!Apr 15, 2024 12:50:26 GMT

nerdthenord: Hi, I'm still alive. Doing well again all things consideredApr 15, 2024 3:10:36 GMT

samsthe1: Uhlan, thank you for the information.Derek.Apr 9, 2024 15:25:37 GMT

samsthe1: Uhlan, thank you for the information,Apr 9, 2024 15:24:56 GMT

mrstabby: Mine gets pressed to the top as well, but that way the tip gets ground of, don't like that either. S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (10) Unfortunately I'm an edge-perfectionist. Also one wrong move when unsheathing and the throat nicks the edge on either side.Mar 31, 2024 19:02:10 GMT

AndiTheBarvarian: Perhaps I've got one from the batch for Matt Easton ?!?Mar 31, 2024 18:22:59 GMT*

AndiTheBarvarian: When I draw the saber it's automatically pressed with the spine to the scabbard so there's space for the edge to not touch the scabbard. When the false edge starts it's released but can be carefully draw completely without touching the scabbard.Mar 31, 2024 8:10:26 GMT*

AndiTheBarvarian: Too little gap for a needle, so also I see no way to get the glue in.Mar 31, 2024 8:02:34 GMT

mrstabby: I was easily able to poke through the glue on all of my Windlass swords/daggers, then it just seems to wick in forever, it never was thick. I can't imagine how there isn't any dulling though, unless yours is less wide or the scabbard is bigger.Mar 31, 2024 7:04:12 GMT*

AndiTheBarvarian: There's not really an opening on mine, very good fit of guard and blade and some glue or epoxy in it. Since my scabbard doesn't dull the edge too I seem to be on the lucky side with Windlass this time.Mar 31, 2024 1:25:54 GMT

mrstabby: Maybe it screams in pain now, but I like it..Mar 30, 2024 20:35:26 GMT

S5 steel and L6 | SBG Sword Forum (11)

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