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This advanced search tool looks for presentations in movie theaters that have D-BOX haptic/motion seating. If you are seeking a D-BOX experience while watching movies playing near you, this tool will guide you to the D-BOX showtimes at your nearby movie theater.

D-BOX-equipped auditoriums offer haptic motion-enabled chairs which create motion, vibration, and texture, often in sync with on-screen action. These may cause issues with some people, so please consult the movie theater you are attending for more details and guidelines regarding this experience.

An additional fee or other requirements may be in place at each movie theater, so contact that theater directly for more information. We hope that moviegoers who search for 'D-BOX movie showtimes near me' or 'D-BOX movies playing near me' will find this tool useful!

Please note: D-BOX is a product by D-BOX Technologies Inc., which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The BigScreen Cinema Guide is not affiliated in any way with D-BOX Technologies Inc.

Movies Playing with D-BOX

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Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Despicable Me 4

Movies Playing with D-BOX - Advanced Search: The BigScreen Cinema Guide (5)Despicable Me 4 in 3D

The Exorcism

The Fall Guy

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

The Garfield Movie

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1


Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 in 3D

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

A Quiet Place: Day One

Movies Playing with D-BOX - Advanced Search: The BigScreen Cinema Guide (16)A Quiet Place: Day One - Opening Day Fan Event


Movies Playing with D-BOX - Advanced Search: The BigScreen Cinema Guide (18)Twisters - Early Access

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All Theaters with Movies Playing with D-BOX

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TucsonCentury Park Place 20 and XD
Agoura HillsRegency Agoura Hills Stadium 8
Apple ValleyCinemark Jess Ranch
BakersfieldMaya Cinemas Bakersfield 16
Cathedral CityDPlace Entertainment - Mary Pickford Theater
Daly CityCinemark Century 20 Daly City and XD
DowneyCinemark Downey and XD
Elk GroveCentury Laguna 16
HaywardCentury Southland Mall
Huntington BeachCentury Huntington Beach and XD
La QuintaCentury La Quinta and XD
LancasterCinemark 22 - Lancaster
Long BeachCinemark at The Pike
Los Angeles
Los AngelesCinemark Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15 and XD
MilpitasCentury 20 Great Mall and XD
Morgan HillCineLux Tennant Station
Mountain ViewCentury Cinemas 16
PalmdaleCinemark at Antelope Valley Mall
ReddingCinemark Redding 14 and XD
Redwood CityCentury Redwood Downtown 20 and XD
RialtoCinemark Renaissance Marketplace and XD
RichmondCentury Richmond Hilltop 16
RiverbankGalaxy Riverbank
RocklinBlue Oaks Century Theatres and XD
RosevilleCinemark Roseville Galleria Mall and XD
SacramentoCentury Arden 14 and XD
SalinasCentury 14 Northridge Mall
San BrunoCentury at Tanforan and XD
San ClementeMetropolitan MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente
San JoseCentury 20 Oakridge and XD
Scotts Valley
TracyCinemark Tracy Movies 14
Union CityCentury 25 Union Landing and XD
Colorado Springs
LakewoodCentury 16 Bel Mar and XD
ManchesterCinemark Buckland Hills 18 + IMAX
North HavenCinemark North Haven and XD
DavieCinemark Paradise 24 and XD
JacksonvilleCinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and XD
JacksonvilleCinemark Tinseltown and XD
OrlandoPremiere Cinemas - Fashion Square
Palm Beach GardensCMX Downtown In The Gardens
Saint JohnsCinemark Durbin Park and XD
JolietCinemark Louis Joliet Mall
Melrose ParkCinemark Melrose Park
DavenportCinemark Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX
West Des MoinesCentury 20 Jordan Creek and XD
MerriamCinemark 20 and XD
LexingtonCinemark Fayette Mall and XD
HanoverCinemark Egyptian 24 and XD
Benton HarborCelebration! Cinema - Benton Harbor
YpsilantiCinemark Ann Arbor 20 + IMAX
PearlCinemark Tinseltown Pearl and XD
Carson CityGalaxy Fandango Casino
Las VegasCentury Santa Fe Station
Las VegasGalaxy Boulevard
Las VegasMaya Cinemas North Las Vegas 14
North Las VegasGalaxy Cannery Luxury+
New Hampshire
EppingO'neil Cinemas - Brickyard Square 12
New Mexico
AlbuquerqueCentury Rio 24 Plex and XD
Rio RanchoPremiere Cinemas - Rio Rancho Premiere Cinema 14
New York
RochesterCinemark Tinseltown USA and IMAX
SchenectadyRotterdam Square Cinema
North CantonCinemark Tinseltown USA and XD
Oklahoma CityCinemark Tinseltown and XD
TulsaCinemark Tulsa and IMAX
BeavertonCentury 16 Cedar Hills Crossing
PortlandCentury Clackamas Town Center and XD
ErieCinemark Tinseltown Erie
HanoverR/C Hanover Movies 16
Wilkes-BarreR/C Wilkes Barre Movies 14
AbileneCinemark Abilene and XD
AustinGalaxy Highland 10
BeaumontCinemark Beaumont 15 and XD
BrownsvilleCinemark Sunrise Mall and XD
College StationCinemark Movies 18 and XD
Corpus ChristiCentury 16 XD and IMAX
DallasCinemark Dallas XD and IMAX
El PasoCinemark East Montana and XD
El PasoCinemark Tinseltown Las Palmas XD and ScreenX
El PasoCinemark West El Paso XD and ScreenX
El PasoPremiere Cinemas - El Paso Premiere LUX Cine 17 IMAX
Fort WorthCinemark Alliance Town Center and XD
Fort WorthCinemark Ridgmar 13 and XD
FriscoCinemark Frisco Square and XD
GrapevineCinemark Tinseltown Grapevine and XD
HarlingenCinemark 16 and XD
HoustonCinemark Memorial City
HoustonCinemark Tinseltown 290 and XD
HurstCinemark North East Mall 18 and XD
LaredoCinemark Mall Del Norte
Missouri CityCinemark Missouri City and XD
PasadenaCinemark Hollywood Movies 20
PflugervilleCinemark Tinseltown 20 and XD
PharrCinemark Pharr Town Center and XD
PlanoCinemark Legacy and XD
PlanoCinemark West Plano and XD
RichmondCinemark Long Meadow and XD, IMAX, ScreenX
RockwallCinemark 14 Rockwall and XD
RosenbergCinemark Rosenberg 12
San AntonioCinemark McCreless Market
The WoodlandsCinemark Tinseltown 17 and XD
WacoCinemark Waco and XD
WebsterCinemark 18 and XD
CentervilleMegaplex Theatres - Legacy Crossing
LehiMegaplex Theatres - Thanksgiving Point
LoganMegaplex Theatres - University
OgdenMegaplex Theatres - The Junction
RivertonCinemark Riverton and XD
SandyMegaplex Theatres - Jordan Commons
South JordanMegaplex Theatres - The District
St. GeorgeMegaplex Theatres - Pineview
West JordanCinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD
West Valley CityMegaplex Theatres - Valley Fair
KirklandCinemark Totem Lake and XD
MonroeGalaxy Monroe
TacomaCentury Point Ruston and XD

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Movies Playing with D-BOX - Advanced Search: The BigScreen Cinema Guide (2024)
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