Merge Dragons Challenge 16 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)

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Merge Dragons Challenge 16 - Complete Guide - West Games (1)

Merge Dragons, an adventure game with puzzles, The game is based on the premise that player is required to heal a magical land, harness the power of the dragons, solve engaging puzzles and eventually build your camp to grow dragons. The game is published by Gram Games Limited. It is available on the Apple store and Play store both. Amazingly Merge Dragons is also available on Bluestacks.

The main attraction for players is the freedom of merging virtually anything in pursuit of solving the puzzle. Amazing objects evolve after merging the most common of game elements. The basic elements available to merge are eggs, treasure, star, magical flower, tree and one can even merge the dragons themselves to create surprisingly fantastic objects that help in clearing game levels.

The basic format of the game is to solve the puzzle by merging these game elements until the specified object comes to life. The newly formed object will help the player in healing their virtual land in the game which is the ultimate objective of the game, to heal your land. After healing the land, the player would have to merge the Gaia statues to get the final win. The difficulty level of the puzzle is based on the level the player is on. Clearing out each level gives rewards. The player can merge these rewards in their camp to make it grow even more.

Merge Dragons Challenge 16 - Complete Guide - West Games (2)

Merge Dragons – Challenges

The game runs a separate series of challenges where the players are required to solve the puzzle, complete the challenge in a specified amount of time. The difficulty level of these challenges increases as players win the challenge and move on to the next level.

Each challenge is divided into three wins. The player needs to claim all three of the stages to receive the rewards. These rewards also include a cool dragon for your camp. Players are required to complete the challenging puzzle in a specified amount of time and each challenge has a different time limit based on its difficulty level. The first win of the challenge is somewhat easy, the second win is a bit challenging and the third win gives a tough time to the player. Merge Dragons Challenge Level 16

The challenge 16 in Merge Dragons, also known as The Ancient Totem. Completing all three wins of this challenge will reward you with a Roc Kid. This level is fairly challenging than level fifteen called the Lucky Isles. Most players are not able to complete this challenge in time.

This whole guide is designed to assist such a player who is struggling at level 16. To complete this challenge with all three wins and claim your reward, follow this step by step guide with the focus where each move is explained in detail to win as fast as possible. Merge Dragons Challenge Level 16 Walkthrough

Merge Dragons Challenge 16 - Complete Guide - West Games (3)

Merge Dragons Challenge 16

1. First & Second Win:

• Find sharp dragon egg and elder wood on the left-hand side of the field
• Place the egg in the midfield with the other egg.
• Bring the elder wood at the center bottom.
• Bring magic shroom clusters from the top left corner to the midfield.
• Use life essence in the midfield and heal the corresponding land.
• Bring the elder wood from the lower right corner to the center bottom near the other elder wood.
• Launch the life orb at the upper side of the midfield.
• Bring the life essence from the top, bring it to the bottom center, merge it with the black heart, and unlock the elder wood by healing the land.
• Place the newly discovered elder wood along the other woods in the bottom and do 5 merges.
• Hit the life extender arrows in the bottom and save two chests.
• Bring the spotted dragon eggs to the lower left for 5 merges.
• Use life essence to heal the lower-left corner and unlock the spotted egg.
• Heal the top left corner of the midfield with life essence and bring the spotted egg beside the other at the lower-left corner and make a 5 merge.
• Do a 5 merge with the cross-eye at the center of the field.
• Hit the new life extender arrows
• Hit the tanzanite plans grass at the lower right corner and collect the rewards.
• Make a five merge with the magic shroom clusters.
• Heal the rear with a life orb
• Heal center field with life essence.
• Follow this pattern until you move to the demons and make a 5 merge on the right side.
• The unlocked dragons are going to destroy the demon gates.
• This will unlock statues, make their merge, and boom. You nailed it.

2. Third win:

• Make a 5 merge with the sharp dragon eggs in the center.
• Merge the magic shroom clusters in the center
• Use the life extender arrow to heal the land.
• Use the yellow heart to make life essence.
• Merge the mushrooms and it will give life extender arrows.
• Hit multiple times at the life flower totem. Merge the new objects together.
• Merge the life essence at the bottom.
• Heal the left patch with the life essence.
• Place the spotted dragon eggs in the lower right field patch and merge them.
• Take the magic shrooms to the left patch and tap the life-extending arrows.
• Merge the fruit tree in the top center
• Merge the blue life flowers in the top center and get those dragon eggs.
• Merge the five sharp dragon eggs at the top center.
• Locate the demon head in the top left patch and destroy it.
• Merge the five life essence together.
• Place the wood in the bottom center to make five merges and continue with this pattern.
• Locate and destroy the demon head in the bottom left.
• Locate the demon head in the bottom right and destroy it.
• Merge the five statues in the center-right patch.
• Collect the life essence in one place and keep harvesting.
• Final demon head will be unlocked, destroy it, and boom we cleared.


This is very difficult with a strict time limit but it can be completed easily by following these steps. Make sure you complete the entire challenge with focus and do not miss out on any step.

Merge Dragons Challenge 16 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)


How many secret levels are in Merge Dragons? ›

There are currently 52 Secret Levels. Secret: Outskirts 5 has been changed into a Challenge Level named Outskirts 5. Secret: Silence of 2 has been changed into a Challenge Level named Silent Bay 2.

Can you play Merge Dragons on multiple devices? ›

Yes! You can do this using the Cloud Save feature, accessed from the Cloud menu on the World Map. Please see the "How does Cloud Save work?" FAQ for details on how to use it.

Can you reset Merge Dragons? ›

If you completely want to reset or restart your game (this means clearing all progress/data); please go to Game Settings and scroll down the page. In the bottom left corner you will see the “Privacy Settings” tab. Click that tab, and select the “Delete My Data” option.

What is the best number to merge in Merge Dragons? ›

There is a pattern linking merging X number of identical objects and the Y number of objects of the next tier created, but generally, the way to go is to always merge in multiples of 5.

Is there any reason to keep wonders in Merge Dragons? ›

Definitely keep the wonders! They're not just pretty to look at; they also give you rewards like dragon eggs, nests, and other valuable items periodically. Plus, they provide a massive amount of healing power to your land.

What does the whoops button do in Merge Dragons? ›

' Press the 'Whoops' button to undo your last move. But don't rely on it too much, it won't fix everything! It's your get-out-of-jail-free card for when you accidentally merge the wrong items. Super handy but use it sparingly!

What is the best wonder to get in Merge Dragons? ›

Stonehenge (Wonder #5) is often considered one of the best Wonders to obtain, because you get a lot of Rock Dragon Eggs/Nests, source of Zomblins, and can harvest it for Nightstone Bricks.

How do you get free gems on Merge Dragons? ›

If you want to find Gems while playing, the main way to get them is by finding purple Dragon Stars, then tapping them for Gems.

Can you make all dragons sleep in Merge Dragons? ›

All Dragons that are in the same home will sleep one after the other. Dragon 1 rests, then Dragon 2 rests, etc. Build more Dragon Homes from this shop menu. The more Dragon Homes you have, the more dragons can rest at the same time.

What is the mystery key in Merge Dragons? ›

In order to achieve the key and unlock the clouded land, the player needs to find an Object that match the silhouette and drag the object into the silhouette. Once done, a sound identical to removing the evil fog patches in camp will be heard and the items under the clouds would be removed.

What is the point of Merge Dragons? ›

The main (only?) objective of Merge Dragons is to “revive” the land by merging sets of three to five objects (plants, statues, coins, anything really). In reality, the most basic objective is to merge a bunch of objects to get more objects, and to keep increasing in rarity and “power” of the objects that you create.

Can you merge 5 dragons in Merge Dragons? ›

Tip: Merging 5 at once is better than 3! — Merge Dragons! Help Center.

How do you get friend dragon eggs in Merge Dragons? ›

For every 4 friends that accept your invitation, you'll get one egg. You can get up to 9 eggs by inviting your friends. After that, the gifts you receive from your friends will contain egg fragments, which will help you get more eggs, in order to have more friend dragons!

How many challenge levels are there in Merge Dragons? ›

Currently, there are 56 Challenge Levels. These Levels can be identified by a gray goblet, and large-font names starting with "Challenge" and followed by a number. Challenges must be completed within a set time limit, and are required to be won at least once to advance in the World Map.

How do you beat Merge Dragons fast? ›

Merge in Fives for Maximum Rewards

When you merge five items instead of three, you not only create the higher-level item but also receive an additional bonus item. This extra item can be crucial for progressing faster and saving resources. Always aim to gather five identical items before merging them.

What is the Oops button in Merge Dragons? ›

' Press the 'Whoops' button to undo your last move. But don't rely on it too much, it won't fix everything! It's your get-out-of-jail-free card for when you accidentally merge the wrong items. Super handy but use it sparingly!

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