Kmsl Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)

1. kmsl - Urban Dictionary

  • Killing My Self Laughing, bit like PMSL. Guy1:(on msn) writes joke. Guy2:(on msn) KMSL !!! by Billza February 14, 2008.

  • Killing myself laughing

2. kmsl - Urban Dictionary

  • plural of snowman-- a group of guys that use beer pong and girls to cover up their sexual attraction to one another. they usually travel is groups, ...

  • plural of snowman-- a group of guys that use beer pong and girls to cover up their sexual attraction to one another. they usually travel is groups, so it's not often that you will see a snowman without his fellow snowmen. There will tend to be stupid girls that think it's cool to hang out with the "Snowmen" but only the people that have known them a while will see through their charade and know them for a bunch of fa*gs.

3. KMSL - Slang/Internet Slang - Acronym Finder

4. What Does KMSL Mean? - LiveAbout

  • Missing: urban dictionary

  • Wondering what KMSL means? Here's what it stands for and how people typically use it online or in text messages.

5. What does KMSL stand for? -

  • Missing: urban dictionary

  • KMSL stands for "Killing myself laughing." See an example of how people use it.

6. kms - Urban Dictionary

7. [PDF] National Solutions To An International Scourge: Prosecuting Piracy ...

  • Oct 1, 2011 · 2010), ... meaning of the Convention if that person ... financed to train African troops fighting "a ...

8. The 411 on Internet Slang ICYMI - HMA PR

  • Jul 11, 2017 · ... meaning, I took to the internet to Google (thank you, urban dictionary) every single one. Thought I would share here and see what other ones ...

  • While a lot of Internet slang died with AIM (ex: g2g), some abbreviations are still used frequently today! Alison took it upon herself to share some. [Click below for more]

9. [PDF] 4 . 28'"013 - DTIC

  • That directory also Includes the data dictionary files in the Dict ... (Unitl rl moves 5.0 (kmsl in cell RIowl41 ClolwmmI47 ... for the urban buildup in the cell.

10. kms - Urban Dictionary

  • It means "kiss my sack". Boy: Heyyy girl, wanna kms? by Jauna March 17, 2006.

  • Korean Maple Story; One and the first version of many versions of maple story. People on this version use the Korean language.

11. Prison Talk :) |

  • ... kmsl-killing myself laughing ... urban dictionary to look it up lol. Obviously ... Not exactly prison slang, maybe NY slang, but one of the funniest was ya mean?

  • Does your pp have particular phrases or slang terms that they consistently use in letters or on the phone? Have you learned any prison slang that you weren't familiar with before him/her? As for me and bae his two phrases he uses the most would be [I]"On the real"[/I] which he says when he's co-signing (agreeing) with a point I made and [I]"Coldblooded"[/I] when we are discussing something someone did towards someone that's in the wrong or messed up. The only prison term I have learned that I wasn't aware of was what a [I]"kite"[/I] was...meaning a letter. The first time he said he was gonna [I]'shoot me a kite'[/I] I said: "Um, I don't think I want any part of that, sounds like funny business right there." He laughed for damn near the whole remaining 10 minutes on the call lol. I felt so dumb by the end but it was funny though. What are some of your pp's phrases? :)

Kmsl Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)
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